May 2015 empties – Review

It’s been a couple of months that I have been trying to use certain products so I can really have some space for some more products! I hate the fact that when I open my beauty cabinet, I find a lot of products that are about to finish! So, I started the challenge and her is the first batch!

Kiehls’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pack – OK, I love Kiehl’s, I have tried a lot of skin care products that I am in love with but I am not a very big fan of their hair care range! I have bought this one in Kiehl’s counter at Harvey Nicols for AED170 and was hoping for silky smooth hair. I have tried it in several ways but nothing worked. It is not a bad product, but I honestly can’t justify the price tag!

Verdict – not recommended. 

Clarins Cleansing Milk (Normal to Dry Skin) – I am a very loyal customer for Clarins, my first product from them was 4-5 years ago and I am hooked since then! It’s great quality, expensive but not overly priced compared to other high end brands! This Cleanser is great as a second cleanser, it removes my makeup without overly drying my skin and at the same time gives it a smooth nice feeling! I highly highly recommend this product for anyone who struggles to find a cleanser that doesn’t dry out their skin and the same time very effective! I think it costs around AED 150 and you can buy from any Clarins counter.

Verdict – I would definitely buy it again but now I am trying the Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream (Also from Clarins of course!).

Philosophy Hope in a jar (For Dry Skin) – Don’t judge me, I have never heard of this brand until I was shopping in Europe a years ago and the SA recommended it for me since my skin was super super dry! I was afraid that it would clog my pores since it is really thick, but honestly I was great to use as a night cream (I would say it’s more like an overnight mask). It really helped my skin to heal after using it for almost 7-8 months and now I can proudly say that my skin is mostly normal now! I highly recommend it to someone with very patch dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend it to be used in the morning honestly since the makeup won’t sit nicely on it. I believe it costs a little bit over AED 200 and you can buy it from Sephora Middle East.

Verdict – I would definitely buy it again in case I feel my skin becomes dry again in winter time. 

Eaudemoiselle De Givenchy Ambre Vlours – I am a perfume Junkie! I honestly own so many perfumes and I love all smells, whether it’s floral, spicy, fresh, you name it! I would have one from everything! I had this one as a gift and I was excited to try it when it was launched. I have used it until last drop because of the challenge! But, honestly it wasn’t my favorite smell. It’s good, but it is too strong at the beginning and then it just disappears from my skin after an hour! I love the smell of Amber, but this one is not my favorite!

Verdict – Perfumes are very personal! I suggest you try it first and wear it for a couples of hours before you buy it! 

La Vie ese Belle (L’ancome) – If I would only choose to have one perfume forever, it has to be this one! I honestly have an affair with L’ancome perfumes (I have a lot from them) but this one is soo soo special for me (I was wearing it everyday in my honeymoon <3)! Honestly, this perfume can never go wrong with anyone, no matter what is your taste, you will love this one – I promise! Every time I wear, I feel like I am a princess and that I smell better than anyone else (it sounds cheesy I know –  lol!)

Verdict – I know that perfumes are very personal, but everyone will love this one! You have to have it! I will definitely buy over and over again. 

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