I know I have disappeared, but I have been really having a rough time… I was feeling uninspired to do or talk about anything…. I was feeling very disconnected, blocked out and not in the mood to blog! So I decided to write few thoughts! 

This post is not about beauty or makeup or hair, it’s about life. I am not an expert but I just had few thoughts that I would really really like to share with you!


I have thinking and analysing what is the purpose of our living and got really surprised that a lot of people including myself got really attached with a lot of materialistic things that isn’t really worth it! We get too focused with work, earning money, buying a lot of things but we spend less time or almost NO TIME on things we really should be focusing on! Yes, we only live once and we need to enjoy our life, but it really isn’t about, work, money, car or a big house, what really matters is YOU and the people around you! Enjoy your life, whether you are poor or rich, whether you are busy or free, whether you old or young. Spend time with the people who cares for you and you care for them, smile to each others, compliment each others and get to tell them what you want to say before it’s too late! Try not to do things that stresses you out and think before making decisions, before making any decisions. Your happiness is your goal, so do whatever makes you happy!

I really wish to make a difference in someone’s life and I will start by myself and I wish all the happiness to everyone in this world cause that’s what we actually need. Not the money, not the work, not the nice car.

Thank you guys for reading my blog and hanging out with me…

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts!

  1. this is such a lovely post! 🙂

    1. Thanks honey xoxo

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