Getting to know the fashion designer Zareena Youssif!

Fashion in Dubai is no different from the fashion in Milan! After the FFWD taking place twice a year in Dubai, there is no doubt that we are seeing a lot of designers, new and old names in the scene in Dubai! I came across Zareen’s designs in FFWD III, and I was so AMAZED with her so simple yet so Chic taste! Zareena Youssif is one of those designers who catches your eyes with her patterns, colors and cuts! I couldn’t take my eyes off her so elegantly styles.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to get to know a little about herself, her passion and her designs!

Zareena Show 2 - Designer Zareena Yousif - Getty images for Fashion Forward

Zareena, first of all welcome to Beauty with Menna and we are glad for this lovely chance to get to know more about yourself! Tell us more about you, where do you come from, what did you study?

Well, I am all about fashion and I spend most of my time creating something beautiful – that I guess summarizes everything about me.

Zareena Show 1 - Getty images for Fashion Forward

When do you start your fashion designing career?

I started designing in 1995 and from there the House of Zareena was molded into what it is today.

Zareena Show 3 - Getty images for Fashion Forward

What made you choose this career?

I first opened a multi-brand store but somehow, I always felt the need to tweak the clothes I had in my hand. From then on, I realized that I was born to be a designer – nothing else.

Zareena Show 5 - Getty images for Fashion Forward

What is the very first piece that you designed and when?

I have been designing for so long that I honestly cannot recall the very first piece.


What trends do you follow?

I do not follow any trends. I have a strong sense of aesthetics and this has been my compass from day one. If I feel it is right – it is right. If I feel somehow, it is wrong – it turns out always to be wrong.

Zareena Sketch2

What inspires you when you design a new collection?

I can be inspired by anything. What I mean is that we live in such a
beautiful, diverse world that there will never be a shortage of inspiration. Be it nature, buildings, music, films, people, name it, and I can find something inspiring in them.

Zareena Sketch1

What is your favorite piece?

I love every single piece I have created. All of them have been products of hard work, creativity, and dedication.

What is most challenging in this industry?

The most challenging part in this industry is the need for a brand to out-perform itself season by season. How does my brand survive despite this? Well, I guess I am always outperforming myself.


Who is your favorite designer/brand and why?

I love the designer of a piece that appeals to my sensibilities. This being said, I cannot name anyone in particular.


What is the most important fashion advice that you can give to your fans?

Have a strong sense of self. Wear what is consistent with who you are and you can never go wrong.


What are the trends for winter 2014-2015?

Everyone is talking about Modest Fashion, which I think is what the House of Zareena’s DNA is all about.


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Photo credits: Getty Images and Natasha Kishore.

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